Welcome to my (very experimental) blog


My previous blog was a copy paste, which recently broke due to a change in github's API. I decided I could either take five minutes and fix it, or take five minutes and port it to hotdoc. Admittedly hotdoc isn't exactly the tool for the job (yet), but it's really dead simple to set up, and that sounded like a fun idea.

Perhap's in the future this will get me interested in developing an actual blog extension for hotdoc, but for now I really just want to layout a handful of posts together in the most simple way so here we are.


Fun with videomixer – using gstreamer-editing-services to make the world a better place.

Announcing pitivi's fundraising campaign ! – We are launching a crowdfunding campaign, and you, yes *you* can help !

Back from the DX hackfest – My experience at the developer experience hackfest

How to write GStreamer (1.0) elements in python (Part I) – A test audio src

How to write GStreamer (1.0) elements in python (Part II) – An audio plotter

SMPTE 2022-1 2D Forward Error Correction in GStreamer – New FEC elements in GStreamer

webrtcsink – A new GStreamer element for WebRTC streaming

awstranscriber – Live Speech To Text with GStreamer and AWS

The results of the search are